Friday, September 19, 2008

Goodbye Ike

Well, things are slowly getting back to normal here in Ohio after our windstorm this past Sunday. We were very lucky in our neighborhood; while we didn't have power for about 77 hours, there wasn't a lot of damage on our street. Can't say the same for the people one street over who have a tree on top of their car. I saw quite a bit of damage in our driving each evening to find an open restaurant for some hot food...there's only so many peanut butter and honey sandwiches that one person can eat in a week.

I'm happy to have our power back and hopefully everyone will get their power back this weekend. I missed my computer and my CPAP (which we eventually powered using a boat battery and a power inverter); also hated throwing out so much food (what a waste), but those were the only real hardships. I did get a lot of use out of my World Band Receiver which has a built in flashlight and a hand crank.

I was rather amused by some of the concerns expressed by individuals on the local radio stations. Considering the damage that some families the loss of TV for a few days/week really that important? It's just TV, there was probably nothing worth watching other than the news coverage of the storm and you can just walk outside to see that for yourself. I stopped watching TV about 10 years ago and you know what? I don't miss it much at all. Good shows, and even some not so good ones, eventually make it to DVD and can be easily borrowed from the library if one is so desperate to watch it. Besides, when one's free time is so limited, why waste it on TV?

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Mary said...

Glad to hear that things are getting back to normal and that you didn't have damage.